Online Reviews

Sherry Bell

Jan, 2021 - Google Review

The staff here were so friendly. The service was second to none. Will be returning. Great service, fantastic prices. Awesome customer service..

Matthew Sticher

Dec, 2020 - Google Review

Fantastic super friendly service, I needed a new head for my whipper snipper, the changed it there on the spot and offered helpful advice. They have my business now, these guys know what they are talking about and the shop looked super busy with mowers out the back to be serviced which is always a good sign.
Keep up the great work.

Jascha Johnston

Feb, 2020 - Google Review

Highly Recommended, friendly down to earth business, Dan the owner is genuinely a lovely and down to earth guy who is incredibly helpful. The business is busy for a reason!

Peter Wilmot 

Feb, 2021 - Google Review Love these guys. Yes, they are super busy, but that's only due to the fact that they know their stuff. I'm some 200 K's from these guys, but it's worth the trip for a quality service and peace of mind! I live on acerage so depend on my gear just working - they look after my mowers, dam pumps, back up power generator, etc. They just get it done and have an amazing team doing their jobs! I'd be super appreciative if you could open a store in the South Burnett some time soon!


Peter Elthingerton

Feb, 2016 - Google Review These guys provide the best advice and friendly service. They stand by whatever they sell. Prices are good as well. I was mowing lawns as a business for 6 months and they really supported us and made repairs while we waited. It doesn't get better than that.

Dereck O'Sullivan

Jan, 2018 - Google Review Dan is very friendly and efficient. The quality of the workmanship and service is second to none. They stock high quality power tools as well as as high quality garden hand tools. Over all very well priced.